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Yamko Yadpaz is a market leader in the design, manufacture, and construction of a wide variety of greenhouses, in accordance with advanced construction methods using high-quality materials. Yamko Yadpaz greenhouses are suitable to any requirement – from the basic models to elaborate designs incorporating state-of-the-art technology. Yamko greenhouse technology enables farmers to maximize their harvests, cut costs (labor, water, pesticides, and fertilizers) and achieve higher quality crops. Thus, Yamko Yadpaz empowers farmers by enabling them to sell more at better prices while spending less, thus significantly improving their profit line.

Yamko team selects the most suitable and cost effective systems for the clients needs. Advanced technologies employed in Yamko Yadpaz greenhouses include:

Climate control

Control of greenhouse climate: temperature, humidity, light, and wind, in full correspondence to the optimal conditions of each crop.

Advanced Irrigation system and head control

Separate irrigation control for each crop in each plot, management of timetables and quantities, while taking into consideration the water load in the soil;

Fertilization system

A variety of fertilizer machines which combine irrigation ensure the correct water/fertilizer ratio for each and every crop.

Heating  Ventilation and Cooling systems

The suitable climate condition is essential for a vigorous plant growth. In excessive humidity or in hot temperatures we equip our structures with fans, circulators, cooling pads or high pressure fogging system.

Heating systems based on hot water or air, enable year-round farming.

Light control

Providing of appropriate light for the plants, according to the type of crop and the geographical location;

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