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Yamko Yadpaz offers a wide variety of chicken coops which combine advanced technologies and up-to-date agricultural know-how:

Layer  Chicken House

Yamko Yadpaz laying-hen coops are characterized by a very high laying hen capacity, with up to 12 stories in one structure. Yamko coops enable housing of up to 70,000 laying hens in a structure of only about 1,000 sq m. The laying hen coops feature advanced climate systems for cooling and ventilation. The laying-hen house walls are made from insulated panels. The roof is insulated by polyurethane, sprayed on the sheet metal panels of the inside ceiling. In addition, the coop features various automatic systems such as waste collection on conveyor belts, eggs collection conveyor and feed supply conveyor.

Poultry House

Yamko Yadpaz poultry coops contain an area of 2,000 to 3,000 sq m, spanning up to 16 meters. The coops feature high-quality concrete floors, enabling good sanitation and easy cleaning.

Breeding  house

Yamko Yadpaz breeding coops include egg-laying and gathering cubicles. The coop's steel structure is designed to carry the weight of the egg gatherers as well. The coop is equipped with unique lighting systems, as well as lifting equipment corresponding to the requirements.

Turkey House

Yamko Yadpaz turkey coops are divided into chick-run, fattening, and breeding sections. The coops are designed for meeting the physical and climactic requirements of each stage.

Dark coops

Yamko Yadpaz dark coops feature the perfect darkness conditions required for raising pullets, while maintaining the correct degree of ventilation within the structure.

Aviary and free range houses

Yamko Yadpaz aviary and free range coops comply with European Union Council Directive 1999/74/EC: barn coops for breeding, multi-level aviary coops, and free range coops including a yard, and organic coops.

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