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The use of NetNet houses for the protection and enhancement of agricultural crops is becoming more and more widespread. The growth conditions in Net houses assist in increasing both the quantity and quality of the fruit, while contributing to considerable savings in costs. Advantages of Yamko Yadpaz Net houses:

Climate Risk Mitigation

Yamko Yadpaz Net houses provide perfect protection from climate damage: frost, hail, sunlight, heat, and cold.

Pests Protection

Yamko Yadpaz Net houses prevent the penetration of pests into the growth area, thus reducing the need for pesticides; this results in healthier crops,  reduced  pesticides budget  and environmentally friendly cultivation by sustainable agriculture area.

Control of light

The Net house technology gives the farmer the ability to choose the specific amount of light, its diffusion and wavelength of the light transmitted to the plants, thus creating optimal micro-climate conditions for them, and improving their development and quality.

Ease of operation

Winter period or rainy season are do not cause necessity  to dismantle and remove the Net house towards winter, and reconstruct it towards the spring.

Further technological advantages

Yamko Yadpaz Net houses feature with sloped roofs which enable optimal entry of light, enhanced natural ventilation, and resistance to strong winds.

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