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Owing to its advanced technology, Yamko Yadpaz structures and warehouses are robust, secure facilities characterized by perfect finishing and high-quality materials. Through innovation and the efficiency of its products, Yamko Yadpaz saves its customers in operation  and maintenance costs.

Design of the structures and storehouses is performed by Yamko Yadpaz's skilled, experienced team, in accordance with each customer's unique functional and business requirements. The design places emphasis on safety, incorporation of management and operation systems, and full compatibility to the type of crops and operational processes.

Among the structures offered by Yamko Yadpaz:


The storage structures feature large floor areas and high ceilings, built from premium galvanized steel frames covered with either panels or sheet metal, with or without insulation.

Packing and refrigeration plants

Packing and refrigeration plants, providing storage for food products and agricultural fresh produce, are made from robust steel structures and insulation casing according to unique specifications.

Industrial structures

Industrial structures are designed and erected in accordance with the customer's operational needs, ergonomic requirements (insulation from noise and heat) and aesthetic considerations.

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