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Yamko-Yadpaz Industries Ltd. is a part of the Packer Yadpaz group, a market leader in the area of steel in Israel. The company's main area of activity is the design and manufacture of advanced, technology-based greenhouses and agricultural structures. Yamko Yadpaz has achieved international acclaim by virtue of its top-notch quality assurance system, the meeting of international and local standards, and outstanding customer service.  In addition, it has earned recognition by major Israeli institutions such as the Ministry of Agriculture, the Jewish Agency, and more. The company deals in the development, design, manufacture, and marketing of a wide range of greenhouses and modular structures for agriculture. These range from simple, rudimentary structures to sophisticated state-of-the-art facilities based on advanced technology, including computerized control systems for monitoring the various greenhouse functions.

The wide range of models offered by Yamko Yadpaz enables it to meet customer needs while taking into consideration their investment budget constraints. Yamko Yadpaz greenhouses can accommodate various types of coverings such as polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate, and more. The structures are made from hot-galvanized steel profiles and pipes, manufactured in accordance with the most stringent quality standards. Assembly of the structures in the field is relatively simple. The company provides the necessary assembly instructions, and its experienced technicians are at the customer's disposal in order to guide him through the assembly process. If needed, by the customer's request, a completely assembled structure can be delivered to the customer in a Turnkey system project. In this case, the company takes full responsibility for the assembly.

In order to fully meet each customer's specific needs, Yamko Yadpaz provides complementary equipment for greenhouses and structures, such as various types of covers, irrigation systems, climate control systems, and more. In addition, the company provides equipment and accessories to farmers, such as trellises and trellising accessories, cables, tubing, etc.

Since 1975, the company's greenhouses have been successfully used throughout Israel, as well as in many countries around the world such as Mexico, South Africa, Latin America, USA, India, China, and more. Yamko Yadpaz remains at the forefront of the development and manufacture of sophisticated structures designed to meet the high standards of modern agriculture. Its activity is carried out on a global scale, both in Israel and in markets around the world.

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