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Yamko is an Israeli company, established in 1975, with agricultural projects worldwide in more than 70 countries. Yamko is part of Packer Group, the largest in the middle east, since 1934. Yamko specializes in the designing, constructing, implementing and supporting agricultural projects in a variety of fields, including greenhouses, poultry (including: Broiler, Layer, Breeder & Hatchery), turkey, dairy farms, cattle farms, packing houses, refrigeration, supplementary logistic centers, industrial structures, and modular homes. Company activities are based on the extensive agrotech knowledge and wealth of international experience held by its team. The Company’s proficiency with the latest trends and most advanced agro technologies, along with its emphasis on the quality of the equipment, raw materials and the flawless finish, enable YAMKO to provide clients with comprehensive solutions, fully compatible with the requirements and developments in various markets.
The Yamko experts have acquired extensive experience along 42 years in establishing agricultural turnkey projects in Israel, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, Russia, the Indian subcontinent and CIS countries. Working in these continents, they developed working and information sharing relationships with a great many professional entities. These connections significantly enhance Yamko’s ability to plan and execute turnkey projects on an international scale.


Another agreement and cooperation between Yamko, Globus Pharma and Together for growing medical cannabis. Fore the article press link here>

New models of greenhouses launched for growing medical cannabis.  The greenhouses are equipped with the most advanced designated equipment and accessories, enabling optimal conditions for generating crops that meet medical preparation quality specifications – including GAP and GMP practices.