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Medical cannabis greenhouses

The cultivation of medical cannabis is an emerging industry around the world, specifically in greenhouses.  The world markets are shifting from indoor to greenhouse cultivation, currently considered “outdoor” cultivation.

The required greenhouse must provide a high-quality solution for climate control needs in order to create the perfect climate for the unique crop.

Yamko has acquired a great deal of knowledge and experience with the construction of greenhouses intended for the cultivation of medical cannabis.  Yamko planned and built greenhouses in the U.S. and tropical regions.  In addition, we provide our customers with the extensive experience acquired over decades of planning, production and construction of greenhouses in Israel and worldwide.

Yamko provides medical cannabis growers with services that include agronomic and engineering planning, as well as agronomic consulting, including the option of accompanying them throughout the first cultivation season.

Starting from the initial meeting, Yamko’s experts will help you compile the information needed for optimal planning of the cultivation process in order to achieve maximum yields while reducing production costs to a minimum.

The medical cannabis greenhouses will be specifically planned according to the crop needs, such as a high demand for ventilation and circulation based on hourly air replacement calculations, and lighting needs based on a calculation of solar light at the cultivation site.

We offer our customers the option of turnkey accompaniment and construction of medical cannabis projects, including the establishment of a quality control room, a structure for drying the crops and preparing the material for marketing, as well as surrounding the farm with appropriate fences.  The medical cannabis greenhouse systems shall include:

  • Lighting for different areas of the greenhouse based on the cultivation stage – Lighting will be determined after a precise evaluation of climatic data and based on photosynthetic or photoperiodic needs.
  • Smart climate control, including sensors for PAR or regular radiation, temperature, humidity and wind, by a control mechanism that operates the systems, while optimizing the means of production.
  • Horizontal and vertical shading screens, including overlaps for perfect sealing.
  • Heating during the cold season in order to reach the temperature desired for this crop.
  • Cooling in the summer, using advanced systems such as high-pressure vaporizers or wet pads.
  • Air circulation using internal circulators of high circulation capacity.
  • Quality suction fans.
  • CO2 enrichment as needed, monitored by a specific sensor.
  • Advanced irrigation system including fertigation and real time, online EC and PH testing.
  • Division into various cultivation areas based on the growth stages.
  • A nursery or VEG section or separated structure operated with separate and fully controlled automation.
  • Thermal screens to reduce the heat load in the summer or energy costs in the winter.
  • Opening and closing windows or curtains at the sides and top of the greenhouse.

Contact us for a professional design of your greenhouse at your medical cannabis farm, including recommendations and photos.