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Yamko, part of Packer Steel – the largest group in the Middle East – was established in 1975, specializing in light and heavy work.  Since its inception, Yamko has performed a wide variety of activities in Israel, manufacturing civil and industrial steel structures, cultivation structures (various greenhouses, net  houses and tunnels), livestock structures (poultry coops, cowsheds, sheep pen, fattening calves and milking facilities) and lightweight construction residential homes in farm settlements, moshavim, kibbutzim, extensions and low construction residential neighborhoods in Israel and worldwide in more than 70 countries.

Yamko has over 42 years of experience with turnkey projects ranging from planning to execution and finishing to handover.
Yamko provides all of the construction services and elements, jointly and/or separately, ranging from project specification and feasibility testing, through planning, production, painting, transporting, assembly, finishing and trial runs to ongoing and proper operations.
Yamko is known for the quality, reliability and excellence in its production facilities, work methods, advanced production equipment and quality personnel, while meticulously ensuring timetables, customer demands, product quality and compliance with Israeli and international standards.

Yamko operates in ~16,000m² of production and operational space, including an indoor production hall with production and transport equipment, including cranes.  This equipment enables monthly production yields of hundreds of tons.
Yamko directly interfaces with related companies within the Packer Group, including the galvanization factory adjacent to Yamko, the paint factory, the profile factory and the nearby metal factory.  The entire operation is carried out synergistically, providing Yamko a significant advantage in its control over finished product quality and shorter execution times, i.e. Yamko controls the process from beginning to end: uncompromising quality and shorter delivery times.

Quality Control
Yamko’s quality control department consists of an experienced team of quality engineers and controllers who specialize in civil and industrial steel structures.
The quality control department utilizes the equipment required in order to ensure use of excellent materials and quality products, while working closely and transparently with the customers and certified labs, managing comprehensive quality portfolios, closely supervising all aspects of the project to completion.

Production Department
Yamko’s production department employs veteran professionals in the field of steel processing, beginning from the design, preparation and execution stage, including steel processing machinists and equipment operators, professional metalworkers and certified welders for a wide variety of tasks, while complying with Israeli and international standards.

MPM (Manufacturing Process Management)

An advanced and highly experienced department that utilizes advanced plant management software, quality personnel and steel processing equipment toward complying with strict timetables and ensuring the best product.

Project Management

Yamko employs a project management team and is highly experienced with the execution of projects in dozens of countries around the world, ranging from small to million-dollar projects.
Yamko holds comprehensive knowledge and experience in managing and establishing all aspects and derivatives of greenhouse, livestock and industrial structure projects
Experienced project managers accompany the customer through all stages of the project, beginning with a thorough study of the project needs, planning, accompaniment and coordination with various consultants and contractors, managing and scheduling the engineering, production and assembly in the field until satisfactory project completion.
Yamko maintains strong cooperative ties with planners, architects and consultants: foundation, accessibility, safety and firefighting, electricity, construction, plumbing and lighting.  The professional and intense management of every project leads to a product that specifically meets customer needs, while strictly maintaining safety, quality and project timetables.