Advantage to CV senders (copy+paste)


Dear Consul for Trade,

We are pleased that you have decided to take an interest in our company and we guarantee personal and professional care as you work with us.

Yamko Yadpaz Industries Ltd. is a leading Israeli agrotech project company, operating the largest production plant in Israel, specializing mainly in the agricultural sector with over 42 years of experience with greenhouses and over a decade of experience in the livestock and industrial structure industry.  Yamko considers itself a “one stop shop” as it provides customers with all of their project needs.  The entire production process is conducted within the group, ranging from raw material planning and production to final construction in the field, including: analyzing customer needs and planning all project aspects, while meeting predefined budget and scheduling constraints, executing the project according to plan and accompanying the customers after completion, to their full satisfaction.

We place an emphasis on long-term solutions that promote customer confidence in our products, their efficiency and productivity.

The company is a member of Packer Industries, a group established in 1934, and it is the largest metal and steel company in the Middle East with a turnover of over $300M and over 83 years of experience.  Packer Industries operates 11 large factories for steel profile processing and production.

Yamko specializes in planning, construction, implementation and support of a wide variety of agricultural projects in various fields including poultry, cattle & dairy farms, sheep pen, packing and refrigeration houses, logistic centers, industrial and modular structures.

We are seeking farm/land owners, businesspeople and companies that wish to purchase our products, whether as part of a turnkey project or as individual projects.