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Yamko Greenhouses – The Green Approach

Sustainable Agriculture
Yamko’s projects, including rural development and options for growing crops, raising livestock and field cultivation, integrate cutting edge technology toward water conservation and preventing desertification processes by stopping land erosion and developing green areas.
Yamko’s livestock projects utilize waste to create compost and recycling to fertilize the crops, and include construction and agriculture.
Yamko greenhouses are based on sustainable farming, enabling use of various means to minimize the environmental impact.
Yamko’s greenhouses are equipped with the best technology to enable natural greenhouse ventilation and accessories, such as manual or motorized wall and roof curtains, which enable natural ventilation while utilizing wind for air circulation and protecting it from pests by covering the walls and windows with quality insect proof nets, protecting them from the penetration of pests and disease carriers.

The covers for Yamko’s greenhouses are made of the highest quality material, capable of improving plant photosynthesis through light diffusion to increase the absorbed light spectrum.
Yamko’s polyethylene and polycarbonate covers have a very long lifetime, protecting the environment and optimally insulating the greenhouse against UV radiation, thus the greenhouse cover replacement rate is minimal.
Yamko’s greenhouse net covers, the tunnels and the net houses enable the cultivation of organic or IPM – Integrated Pest Management crops while utilizing minimal, if any, pesticides through prevention.  Yamko combines insect proof nets with regular or yellow woven polyethylene sheets and glue surfaces for scouting, monitoring and trapping pests.
Solar elements can be added to Yamko’s project, based on site conditions and customer demand, including a solar water pump, solar lighting and even solar panels within the structure itself. The irrigation systems for Yamko projects are energy and water efficient, preserving the environment while operating the systems at the optimal time to ensure water and energy savings.  Customers are also offered a complete water recycling system, including filtering and UV care to prevent pollution. Dilution junction for mixing of treated drain water with fresh water according flow ratio and EC levels, including water counter, electric valves and EC sensor.

In addition to the environment friendly effect of this system there is also a significant reduction in the consumption of chemical fertilizers which lowers your direct operation costs.

Yamko’s project place a strong emphasis on being sustainable environment