Advantage to CV senders (copy+paste)


Dear Farm Owner,

We are pleased that you have decided to take an interest in our company.  We guarantee personal and professional care as you work with us and, of course, wish to provide you the best products based on your specific needs, ranging from net houses or basic greenhouses to Israeli technology greenhouses equipped with state of the art equipment that will increase your crops, their quality and, of course, your profit.

We would be happy to help you transform your land into a much more yielding and profitable business through the following:

  • A detailed analysis of your needs and an evaluation of the opportunities that you face.
  • Comprehensive planning of aspects required for the project.
  • Detailed planning of every project element, while strictly adhering to the budget and schedule that meets your needs.
  • Planning and constructing an optimal project in terms of operating costs.
  • Executing the work on site, based on local safety instructions and guidelines, including the appointment of a foreman, safety coordinator, project manager, supervisors and execution engineers.
  • Instructing the client throughout the stages of the project.

Our work emphasizes long-term solutions that provide customers with an ongoing and stable cash flow.

Yamko operates the largest factory in its field in Israel, specializing mainly in the agricultural sector with over 42 years of experience with greenhouses and over a decade in the livestock and industrial structure industry.

The company is part of Packer Industries, established in 1934, comprising the largest and leading group of steel and metal companies in the Middle East.  The entire production process is conducted within the group, beginning with raw material planning and production to actual project completion in the field.  Packer Industries operates 11 large factories that processes and manufactures steel profiles.

Yamko specializes in planning, construction, implementation and support of a wide variety of agricultural projects in various fields including poultry, cattle farms, sties, packing and refrigeration houses, logistic centers, industrial and advanced structures.

If you are a cooperative, the above is relevant to you and we will pay special attention to the needs of each farmer, offering special prices under an agreement with the cooperative.