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Yamko designs, manufactures and establish a wide variety of greenhouses utilizing advanced construction methods and quality materials.  Yamko’s greenhouses are suited to all demands, ranging from simple greenhouses to greenhouses integrated with the most advanced technology in the greenhouses arena.  The technology applied in Yamko’s greenhouses enables growers to achieve maximum yields, cost savings and higher quality.  As a result, Yamko helps growers sell more, obtain better prices, reduce costs and significantly increase their profits.

All components of our greenhouses are intended for modular use, thus avoiding technical obstacles for future structure expansion.  The modular concept for our products is based on the pre-drilled non-welding technology by which drilling is performed before galvanization and structures are built with screw attachments, requiring no welding, thus ensuring durability against corrosion for many years.

There are sites at which Yamko’s greenhouse have been in service for 40 years – still in excellent condition and meeting customer satisfaction.

One of the factors affecting the final cost of the greenhouse relates to its assembly.  Thus, our systems are meticulously designed in a manner that enables convenient installation, while ensuring structure rigidity and the rapid installation of screws, while utilizing a minimum of special tools.

Yamko greenhouses models are recommended by the Israeli ministry of agriculture and comply with the standard for ensuring work at height while connecting the installer to a lifeline.

Our agronomists, engineers and technical department continuously seek to evaluate and introduce new technologies in order to improve the structures and related systems to integrate new working techniques to benefit the customer.

Yamko’s greenhouse technology consists, inter alia, of the following monitoring and control systems that vary and constantly improve along with the introduction of the most advanced technologies:

Dividing the greenhouse into various habitats based on crop or farm needs

Acclimatization – Adding equipment and features to the greenhouse in order to adjust the climate to the specific growing needs, including temperature and humidity, light and ventilation, fully suited to the optimal conditions required for each crop.  Yamko utilizes the most advanced and up to date equipment available around the world, all derived of leading manufacturers – including fans, air circulators, thermal and darkening screens, wet pads, high pressure cooling foggers, polyethylene and polycarbonate covers, insect proof nets, woven polyethylene sheets, gear and R&P motors.

Irrigation and fertilization – Yamko offers advanced irrigation systems based on consistent planning with customer needs, the relevant crop and field conditions.  The irrigation system will include ongoing fertilization, while maintaining the required EC and PH levels and utilizing a dedicated fertilization software enabling data transfer to the customer’s computer or cellular device.  The irrigation system will enable a wide variety of fertilizer and irrigation plans for soil or soilless substrates.

Yamko customers can utilize a globally exclusive fertilizing software that optimizes fertilizer components for the specific crop.

This tool significantly increases crop quality and quantity.

Water and fertilizer recycling – A system for drainage water pooling and recycling to enable significant savings on fertilizer and water costs while optimally preserving the environment in line with Yamko’s green perception.

Cultivation system – The greenhouses will offer reinforced construction enabling growers to hang equipment or trellis crops as needed.  Structure reinforcements will enable hanging of 25 Kg/m² or more.  Use of advanced equipment for soilless or hydroponic substrates with cultivation tunnels, adapted drainage and water pooling systems.  Trellising equipment suited to the crops and steel cables.

Climate control – Yamko uses cutting edge technology climate controllers that integrate control of temperature, humidity, light, photosynthetic radiation, CO2, wind and rain.

Irrigation control – Separate irrigation control for each crop in each plot.  Managing timetables and quantities, while considering ground water loads, soil or substrates and the characteristic curve.

Fertilizer control – Combined fertilizer and irrigation machines to ensure a proper water/fertilizer proportion for each crop.

Heating system – Heating systems based on hot water or hot air, enabling year-round growth.

Cooling systems – Various methods for cooling air and controlling humidity loads within the greenhouse, including side curtains, roof windows or curtains, thermal screens and shading screens, wet pads and suction fans, internal circulators, use of high-pressure foggers and air vents.

Lighting system – Greenhouses for crops requiring light are equipped with a unique construction for hanging lighting, including unique lighting fixtures based on crop radiation requirements, specific wavelengths and the geographical area, including standard electrical boards, cables and conduits.  Yamko supplies high quality lighting equipment.

Nursery – equipped with a designated irrigation for seedlings or other type of plants, for germination or cloning. Yamko will equip the nursery structure with growing benches/tables designed to fit your needs.

Yamko’s turnkey greenhouses will guarantee:

  • Precise agriculture
  • Maximum production
  • Product quality
  • Optimal cost effectivenes

In conclusion:  Much greater yields at better quality (Export quality)