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A model intended for highly extreme regions, with a rigid polycarbonate cover that ensures durability to winds of up to 150 Km/h, carrying capacity of up to 1m of snow on the roof and a condensation water accumulation system.


Spans: 7m up to 9.6m, arches every 4m
Height: Gutter Up to 4.5m
Top: 2.7m above gutter
Length: According to customer’s request

*Dimensions and all other accessories can be customized according to the site topography and the agronomic requirements


Structure: Steel prefabricated elements, hot dip galvanized, to be assembled on site

Covering: usually Roof: Single layer Polycarbonate 0.8mm; Walls: 8 mm double wall layer polycarbonate

Wind load: Up to 180 km/h

Weight load: Up to 25 kg/sq.m.

Cultivation: Suitable and recommended for all vegetables crops as well as for flowers and vineyards house plants.


  • Trellising for vegetables
  • Ventilation
  • Cooling pads
  • Heating system
  • Wall and roof windows, motorized or manual
  • Thermal screen
  • Irrigation system
  • Climate control
  • CO2 enrichment
  • Rooting and germination tables.