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The automated command and control systems that Yamko utilizes in greenhouses provide farmers full control of the growth conditions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  The systems are based on the most advanced technologies for measuring precipitation, humidity, temperature, lighting and more.  The data derived of these systems are transferred to the famers in real time or used for automatic greenhouse activation.

Climate Control

The need for heating or cooling agricultural structures has led to the development of automated systems that control the temperature within the structure. Yamko’s climate control systems are intended to chill, heat or ventilate the greenhouses, manually or automatically, based on various crop requirements and climatic conditions. These systems are operated by various energy sources, including: diesel, natural gas, green energy sources and more, while considering the farm’s energy balance.

Irrigation Control

Soil acidity and salinity, quantity of runoff and drained water, ground moisture and fertilizer levels – these are just some of the figures that Yamko’s irrigation systems provide. Some of these systems were jointly developed with Israel farmers in areas of extreme climate conditions, aiming to determine the most accurate irrigation and fertilization levels while implementing smart and sustainable water management.

Pest Control

Being closed growing environments, greenhouses can become habitats for pests. The Yamko vaporizers enable the manual or automatic use of precise pesticide dosages, based on pre-programmed protocols. Placing high-density mesh on the greenhouse vents helps prevent pest and rodent entry.