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Yamko’s greenhouses consist of galvanized steel profiles and pipes that comply with the strictest quality standards. The structures are suited for various kinds of covers, such as polyethylene, PVC, polycarbonate and more and they are offered in a variety of models suited for all growths in all weather conditions.

Warm Climate

Round Roof >
Closed round roof

Regular Open Top >
Fix direct opening at the top equipped with Curtain that enables to close the roof in cold or stormy weather.

Gothic Roof >
Equipped with climate control systems

Gothic Roof Window
Moveable window based on Rack & Pinion motors for complete automation of the window. *Same type of window can be used in the sides of the greenhouse

Israeli High Tunnels>

Net Houses >

Tropical Climate

Tropical Open Top >
Angle shaped, fixed opening for year around natural ventilation. The specially designed angle of the top opening prevents rain penetration to the greenhouse.


Cold Climate

The Yamko greenhouse models offer durable and efficient solutions for especially cold regions characterized by strong winds and precipitation.

Gable Roof >
A model intended for highly extreme regions, with a rigid polycarbonate cover that ensures durability to winds of up to 150 km/h, carrying capacity of up to 1m of snow on the roof and a condensation water accumulation system.

Gothic Roof >
An effective and cost-efficient solution for regions with extreme climates. Double layered inflatable roof that ensures high durability at especially worthwhile costs.

High Tunnel Snow Load >
Tunnels with a double-layered inflatable roof developed in order to withstand high snow loads.