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Yamko’s greenhouses and agricultural structures are equipped with cutting edge technology solutions. A fully automated system, controlled by the control systems and used for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, irrigation, fertilization, CO2 infusion and more. These solutions, carefully selected by Yamko’s professional team in order to ensure efficiency and reliability, have proven their effectiveness in farms around the world, enabling many growers and agricultural entrepreneurs to realize their vision.


Yamko cooling systems, based on air extraction through wet pads or high-pressure water vaporization, significantly reducing the greenhouse temperature within short periods of time.  The Wet Pads cooling system includes a water recycling mechanism that minimizes wastes and maximizes cost savings.


The heating systems are installed in designated structures outside of the greenhouses, streaming hot air through fans or hot water through pipes installed above or below ground. The heat yielded by these systems, which can be operated by various energy sources, is especially high and capable of increasing greenhouse temperature by 60-70°.

Thermal Screens

Another method of greenhouse temperature control involves the use of thermal screens – reflective sheets that prevent sunray penetration. Screens can be automatically opened and closed according to levels of natural lighting and temperatures required. Another kind of thermal screens installed under the greenhouse roof is used to reduce roof volume, thus enabling effective and cost efficient space heating.


Ventilated greenhouses prevent the accumulation of moisture and allow for the introduction of CO2.  Yamko’s forced ventilation systems are based on remotely controlled fans that allow for efficient circulation required for proper crop development.  The stack effect derived of the windows in the greenhouse roof also encourage efficient and cost-effective circulation.


Extreme climatic regions are often characterized by a lack of natural lighting.  The lighting systems installed in Yamko’s greenhouses are intended to cope with lighting shortages and provide the crops with the necessary lighting levels.  The greenhouse lighting systems, which can be remotely controlled, are programmed to distribute the light equally throughout the greenhouse, while conserving energy.

Irrigation and Fertilization

Yamko offers a variety of irrigation and fertilization solutions that have proven their efficiency in arid regions, including water source location, establishing pumping stations and pipelines, reservoirs and infrastructures, installing advanced filtering systems, drip irrigation systems, proportionate fertilizing systems, water recycling systems and many other solutions that allow for economical water consumption alongside efficient ground fertilization.

Soilless Substrates

Substrates allow for growing plants in the ground, without contact with the soil and they are used to grow plants in greenhouses and in areas in which soil conditions prevent it. Yamko provides comprehensive solutions for soilless substrates: growth farms made of various materials ranting from tufa soil and ground coverage sheets to drainage systems and water pooling infrastructures.

CO2 Enrichment

Increase the CO2 concentration in greenhouse air is an efficient means to accelerate vegetable and flower growth. This operation is especially significant in low light and cold regions where greenhouses are closed most of the time and air circulation is limited. The CO2 generators installed by Yamko are remotely controlled, can be automatically activated by the climate control system and allow retention of optimal greenhouse CO2 levels.

Nursery Equipment

Yamko enables nursery owners to enjoy ourlarge equipment range, such as root tables, designated irrigation systems and more, meticulously selected to meet the unique and varying needs of growers and nursery owners.