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Logistic Centers – Agricultural and Others:

Nowadays, many companies understand the importance of establishing logistic centers.  The desire to streamline and save resources have led us to consolidate all of the logistic activities at one site.  The main process that gains from the establishment of a logistic center is the supply chain process.  When most of the process is conducted at one site, the work rate improves, gets shorter and more efficient.

At Yamko, before planning logistic centers, we first conduct an in-depth evaluation of the customer’s needs.  This process is comprehensive, including all of the customer’s logistic needs, drilling down to the smallest but important details, as this specification will determine how the experts plan the logistic center and customize it to customer needs.

Yamko’s logistic centers are planned to utilize the majority of storage space, while placing an emphasis on site accessibility and efficiency.  The work is performed effectively while adhering to timetables planned and approved by the customer and while maintaining the highest standard of work and safety procedures, using the highest quality raw materials.

At Yamko, we consider ourselves a “one stop shop”.  The entire process of logistic center construction is performed within the Group, starting with customer needs specification and planning, which is performed by our engineering department, through the production of the raw materials at Packer Steel and until raw material processing at our advanced factory in Ashkelon, Israel, and project construction in the field by our experienced construction team and foremen.

The result: A logistic center, meticulously planned by Yamko based on over 42 years of experience that will save you time, money and unnecessary planning and execution errors.