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Yamko’s extensive farming experience enables it to provide advanced and quality solutions for storing food and agricultural produce.  Yamko’s packing and refrigeration houses are made of a durable and high quality steel framing, covered with an insulating shield based on unique specifications and specific needs applying to each project.

Yamko’s experts help the customers specify their needs, utilizing the vast experience acquired over the years and placing an emphasis on various factors that must be considered when planning a packing and refrigeration house, such as the type of fruit or vegetable, required quantity, geographical location, budget and timetables.  Afterwards, Yamko will perform detailed planning based on needs defined by the customer and with the help of experts, ensuring that every need is properly, comprehensively and efficiently addressed.

At Yamko, we consider ourselves a “one stop shop”.  The entire process of packing/refrigeration house construction is performed within the Group, starting with customer needs specification and planning, which is performed by our engineering department, through the production of the raw materials at Packer Steel and until raw material processing at our advanced factory and project construction in the field by our experienced construction team and foremen.

The result: A packing/refrigeration house meticulously planned by Yamko based on over 42 years of experience that will save you time, money and unnecessary planning and execution errors.