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YAMKO has a wealth of experience in the design and construction of hatcheries, in accordance with the various topographic and climatic conditions around the world. The construction of the hatchery – from building design to construction and the supply of technological equipment – is conducted in close cooperation with the client, using the most advanced technologies, automated systems, energy saving systems and peripheral equipment available from the very best manufacturers worldwide.

Advanced feeding solutions

Food supply is one of the most significant factors in livestock management in terms of cost and quality. YAMKO offers a huge range of advanced feeding solutions produced by the world’s leading companies. The knowledge and experience accumulated by YAMKO enables the Company to offer feeding solutions of any scale, for any need.

Feed Mills

YAMKO offers design and implementation of feed mills that are fully compliant with the client’s requirements. All systems – from the raw material testing laboratory, through grinding systems and feed preparation – are scrupulously inspected by the Company to ensure the greatest possible degree of quality and consistency.


Planning, design and construction of slaughterhouses is a particularly complex process that includes coordination of a large number of factors, local standards and technological requirements. The knowledge and experience which YAMKO has attained in constructing slaughterhouses, allows it to offer its clients advanced and effective solutions that address their specific needs, while keeping within the budgetary restrictions and meeting timetables.