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Yamko’s technical capabilities and experience with establishing farms around the world are successfully applied to establishing cattle and dairy farms.  Whether we are required to plan and execute a new project or expand existing ones, the unique combination of planning and execution skills offered by Yamko, its experienced professionals and quality raw materials are available to entrepreneurs and farmers who seek to establish dairy farms.  Modern cowsheds are specified with a variety of systems that contribute to milk quality, animal welfare and convenient operation at worthwhile costs.  Yamko’s cowsheds strictly comply with especially high standards of quality, equipped with the most advance systems to ensure maximum efficiency.

The systems integrated in Yamko’s dairy farms are manufactured by leading companies around the world.  Their efficiency and reliability has been proven in extreme conditions and their combination with advanced control systems enables the establishment of especially advanced and efficient dairy farms.

Milking dairies

We offer several milking dairy configurations: carousel, parallel and fishbone, all made of especially high quality raw materials in order to ensure continuous long-term operation and especially low maintenance costs.

Milking equipment

Complex milking systems comprised of various systems and equipment types.  Milking pumps, refrigerated tanks, milking clusters, rinsing systems and more.  The elements that Yamko integrates in its dairy farms are highly resistant, enabling continuous and quality operations.

Covering and shading

Yamko offers several solutions for covering and shading cowsheds, including lightweight construction, chilling sheds equipped with quality fans, insulated curtains based on advanced technology and enabling maximum shed insulation, shading nets and more.


Yamko’s ventilation system consists of powerful fans installed in the roof, automatically controlled for the temperature and wind speed, thus enabling significant savings in electricity expenses and reduced fan wear.


Ranging from durable feed containers made with the most advanced technologies to the cowshed feeding and drink systems, Yamko’s advanced systems are planned to operate accurately and with maximum reliability over time.


Yamko’s control systems provide growers full control of the ventilation, chilling, feeding and drinking systems, compiling data and activating the systems based on predefined optimal parameters.  In addition, Yamko integrates a variety of advanced systems that monitor livestock physical and medical condition, enabling better and more efficient farm management in terms of animal welfare as well.