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Yamko’s modern layer cages reach up to 8 stories above the concrete floor and are able to house approximately 100,000 layers in a single structure.  The insulated coop walls, roofs and cages are made of galvanized metal, ensuring long-term durability, and they are assembled meticulously, without compromising on the quality of execution and finishing.  The advanced automatic systems installed in the coops comprise an integral part of the structure, enabling effective and cost efficient operation.

Dedicated Systems

Egg conveyors.  An automatic conveyor system receives the eggs and leads them, with no human intervention, to the sorting area.  Yamko selects these reliable systems after proving their long-term effectiveness and reliability in extreme conditions.

Sorting.  Sorting and packing are performed in a fully automated process in a structure adjacent to the layer coop.  The eggs arriving on the conveyor are screening for quality and sorted by size.  All the growers have to do is pack them.


  • YAMKO’s sorting and packing centers provide a comprehensive, reliable and high quality solution for sorting, packing and processing eggs.
  • Optimal layer integration will usually consist of at least two stages: rearing from Day-Old Chicks (D.O.C) and the transition to layer period.
  • After buying D.O.C from leading genetic company, the pullets are grown for of 15-17 weeks until sexually mature. The egg production stage follows. The layer stage lasts for 15-18 months with an expected laying percentage of 80 – 85%.
  • The eggs are sorted, packed and marketed as fresh eggs or transferred into  industrial process for the production of liquid and powdered eggs


Rearing pullet

Layer-egg production

Sorting & packing