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In line with the global trend for improving animal living conditions and the growing consumer and international organization demand for agricultural produce raised under proper conditions, Yamko offers a variety of cageless layer coops that comply with the strictest requirements, including barn coops, flight coops, free-range coops and organic coops.

Dedicated systems

  • Floors.  Padded floors with special systems provide barn coop chickens with a clean living environment where they can roam freely without cages or partitions.
  • Collection.  Yamko’s automatic egg collection systems are based on a unique conveyor at the center of the coop, which transports the eggs from the coop floor to a structure housing the sorting and packing systems.
  • Levels and branches.  Yamko’s flight coops are installed with sleeping branches at different heights, springboards and levels made by leading companies, enabling the chickens’ freedom of movement.
  • Organic systems.  Yamko constructs organic coops, using a variety of methods and configurations according to the relevant standards while placing an emphasis on the selection of equipment, vegetation and hiding spots and ensuring convenient working conditions for the growers.

  • YAMKO’s sorting and packing centers provide a comprehensive, reliable and high quality solution for sorting, packing and processing eggs.
  • Optimal layer integration will usually consist of at least two stages: rearing from Day-Old Chicks (D.O.C) and the transition to layer period.
  • After buying D.O.C from leading genetic company, the pullets are grown for of 15-17 weeks until sexually mature. The egg production stage follows. The layer stage lasts for 15-18 months with an expected laying percentage of 80 – 85%.
  • The eggs are sorted, packed and marketed as fresh eggs or transferred into  industrial process for the production of liquid and powdered eggs


Rearing pullet

Layer-egg production

Sorting & packing