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Quality, advanced and cost effective lighting systems adapted to lighting intensities, times and lighting spectrums required for each crop.  Our lighting components, manufactured by leading companies around the world, were meticulously selected to ensure maximum and long-term savings on ongoing operating and maintenance costs.

Food and drink

Yamko’s coops are installed with quality food and drink systems manufactured by international world leaders.  Conveyor feeding systems, robotic feeding systems and others, transport the food from the dedicated food and water containers placed on concrete foundations to enable easy access, and are suited to drinking system technical requires.  In especially hot regions, the water containers can be insulated and placed under sheds to protect them from the sun.


Whether conveyors to remove waste or transport eggs in layer coops, feeding conveyors and dedicated conveyors for breeder coops, Yamko’s systems offer high reliability that enable ongoing operation over time.  The conveyors are automatically monitored and control, enabling significant savings on labor costs.

Emergency sprinklers

Fires are among the most tragic disasters in a chicken coop.  In order to battle against such events, Yamko offers a unique sprinkler system that is activated upon the initial detection of a fire, enabling the growers to rapidly control the flames.