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Based on the consumers’ growing preference, organic products are no longer limited to fruits and vegetables, and are now also available in meat and chicken. Our agenda at Yamko, similar to that of many around the world, is green and organic.
Yamko can provide you with the perfect coop for growing organic chicken, while accompanying and advising you on proper and healthy chicken growing.  We have decades of experience with chicken coops and have specialized in the organic industry in recent years.
We try to ensure that conditions in the organic chicken coop are as close as possible to those offered in the wild, both by providing high quality organic food and by maintaining a balance in chicken nutrition, avoiding use of antibiotics and chemicals and providing the chicken with significant more living space than is provided in a regular broiler coop.
We would be happy to plan your chicken coop to attract new consumers who are willing to pay well above the regular market price.

Dedicated systems

Heating. Broiler coops that receive DOC are required to maintain a fixed temperature of 30°C.  The heating systems, including gas heaters and fans for equal heat distribution, enable the retention of a fixed and healthy temperature, even in areas of extreme cold weather.


Broiler growth takes between 38-42 days, after which the birds are taken to the slaughterhouse.  The broilers are grown in fully automated climate control structures.  Control includes: lighting, carbon dioxide, food, drink, climate and humidity to maintain an optimal and consistent temperature during winter and summer, based on the broiler growing stage.
The optimal growing area is 16 broilers/m², considering the local climate conditions.



Growing (broiler)