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Poultry is among the most advanced fields of agriculture in the world.  Advanced chicken coops are hi-tech structures, where every possible parameter is controlled by automated systems.  The coop structures are suitable for growing chicken for the meat or egg industry, while optimally maintaining animal welfare.



Yamko places a great deal of attention on integrating experienced engineers and planners in the initial stages of each project.  This approach enables us to offer effective and cost efficient solutions, to lay the foundations and construct agricultural structures in accordance with the conditions in the field and the regulations applying in various regions and countries around the world.  We purchase our raw materials from leading manufacturers, complying with international standards.  In addition, we use prefabricated elements that are durable against extreme conditions over time.

Our construction methods are as uncompromising as our initial planning and raw material quality.  Yamko aims to standardize its work methods in order to enable the completion of projects under tight schedules and utilizing small teams in order to achieve quality results while reducing the construction costs.

The concrete floors are made of the highest quality raw materials, leveled with quality and advanced equipment.  The unique concrete infrastructure design enables us to increase the distance between the metal components and the soil, thus preventing premature corrosion and early wear.


Systems (General)

Yamko’s advanced chicken coops utilize the most advanced technologies and a variety of systems that enable simple and efficient operation along with long-term durability.
The chicken coop design enables them to integrate within their surroundings based on local standards, offering a variety of advantages:

  • Advanced ventilation systems
  • Colling and water recycling systems
  • Backup electricity generators in case of power outages
  • Emergency generator for the ventilation system
  • Computer aided remote control for all systems
  • High quality and finishing