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Packer Steel Group is one of the “flagship” of the Israeli industry. It has full or partial ownership of 11 plants in Israel and worldwide, and it controls all the areas of activity which related to steel. Its annual sales are estimated at more than 300 million dollars.

Despite being a veteran group, since 1934, Packer Steel’s work environment is dynamic and innovative. The Group is most closely associated with advanced and quality management, aimed at investing in new areas of activity, creating local and international strategic partnerships, and constantly developing existing businesses. All this while maintaining a unique organizational culture that strives for excellence while fostering ” unit pride” and concern for the individual, on the personal and professional levels.

As one who has been working for decades in the service of steel industry and sees the success of its customers in its success, Packer Steel is committed to continuing its work and development in the face of the challenges of tomorrow, according to the milestones that were laid in the beginning. After all, this legacy passed from generation to generation and accompanied the life of the Packer Steel Group.