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Solar farms to help construction greenhouse/livestock farms in developing areas lacking electrical infrastructures.

In general, solar farms consist of an independent electrical grid that is utilized mainly in remote areas where the supply of standard electricity is not possible and accessible.
This electrical grid can also be used when standard electrical supply is unreliable, exposed to frequent power outages.
Using solar panels, you can bring agriculture to the wilderness and utilize advanced agro technology that will enable you to achieve maximum yields in your greenhouse.

Packer Group has a great deal of experience establishing solar farms.  Israel is known to be a sunny country and, in recent years, large-scale solar farms were established where Packer Group took part in the largest of such projects in Israel, Ashalim.

Solar panels or photovoltaic panels are part of a solar system that harnesses the sunrays in order to generate electrical energy.  The sun offers an available, green and renewable energy source.  Thus, efforts have been made to develop systems that will enable the use of solar energy, which does not generate polluting waste.  Commercial solar systems are the least expensive and most effective method invented thus far.

Yamko is able to construct greenhouses anywhere around the world, even without an electrical infrastructure.

Ashalim Negev desert, Israel